This is my final outcome from my museum project. I decided to use driftwood in the end as I like the symbolism in how the wood would have fell into a river from a tree in the woods, where it would be protected, then would have went around in the sea, therefore changing it and then finally ending up on the beach after getting back to dry land. I also decided to keep my final piece paint free, despite liking the texture it made, as I felt that the bare driftwood felt more exposed and kept to its originality

The piece was made by categorising the pieces of driftwood and evenly grouping them together by using a glue gun. I would have preferred to use old bits of rope or long pieces of seaweed but I didn’t have time due to time constrictions and due to the fat that I couldn’t find enough materials for the job. However, I do quite like the minimalist feel that was created by just using a glue gun. The structure is.compact together to¬†create a secure feel to the piece. I was going to make it an actual box shape but I liked the texture and depth made by stacking the driftwood together. I placed the driftwood in size order, to suggest growth and despite changing you still stay the same on some level.

I quite like the outcome to the project due to its personal connection and how it still stuck with the brief. If I was to do it differently however, I would liked to have made the piece on a bigger scale.

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