Here are some photos of a couple of my development ideas for my museum project. After taking a jump over the wall to the previously mentioned ‘Little Beach’, I had a look for materials to use in my project. I decided to stick to just one material, like the Goldsworthy pieces, and ended up leaving with pockets full of driftwood and other washed up pieces of wood. 

The first 2 photos are of a piece that was unintentionally made. I decided to try out my new palette knives that i got in my art pack as I have never really properly used the before. I also decided to have a go with my new acrylic paints as I haven’t used paint in ages as I  never use it due to the price. Anyway, I just tried them on a piece of wood as it was the closest thing lying near me. Turned out that the final outcome looked o.k, I liked how the think layered paints worked well with the texture of the wood.

I gave the paints another go on another piece of wood, this time intentionally. I liked how the wood was ribbed, so used it to my advantage as I painted the raised bits white, to represent my ribs. I used the paint to make faint thumbprints to add another aspect of myself into the piece. I then painted to dipped trenches to represent my blood/ the sea, as one due to my relationship with it. I like how it turned out but I think I prefer the first piece due to the subconscious thought that went into it.  

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